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Bev Gooden “Fine Paintings by Bevve”

In 1990 a friend asked me “what have you always wanted to do”? After some consideration I responded; “I have always wanted to draw”. That moment of discovery was the start of this amazing journey down the path fine art.

As I gained experience and confidence drawing a variety of subject matter I approached other media. Watercolour and acrylics were tried on my own though after a few struggling results I realized I needed expert instruction. I started to attend painting classes offered by a successful local artist who had many years of experience and expertise. This artist encouraged me to try oil painting in a subject matter that I already loved, landscapes.

During this time I also tapped into the knowledge of a few other well recognized local artists as well as excellent instruction from the University of Waterloo.

Though I love using oil paint I have recently decided to give acrylic painting and watercolour a try, it is fun learning and playing with these media. “Learning all the time”, my late teacher used to say, and I have found this to be true and a lot of fun in the process. While landscapes are my passion I have also painted structures and animals. The “learn by doing” approach has helped me with composition and colour mixing skills that spill over to any style, media or subject matter.

Over the years I have displayed my work in a variety of local businesses , KOR Gallery, Canada Trust, Elmira, Manulife Financial, Only Originals, Cambridge, Wyndham Art Store, Guelph, NCR, Waterloo, Raintree Restaurant, Waterloo.

I have enjoyed the journey thus far and look forward to many more inspired moments, thanks for sharing this part of the journey with me as we continue to grow in creativity.

Bev Gooden “Bevve”

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